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Want to know how to join 
Body 101?

We get it. There are hundreds of different training facilities and fitness programs out there, all claiming to be the holy grail of fitness. We're here to shake up the industry with science-backed results. We are not about fads and fast fixes, we are about delivering research-backed practice that deliver results for a lifetime. 

Step 1

Book your Body Audit. 

When you purchase the body audit you get free access to our 28 day accelerator.


28 Day Accelerator Includes the following:

  • Body Audit

  • Unlimited Access to sessions with your own personalised programming

  • 3 Free PT Sessions

  • Free Nutritionist Consultation

Step 2

Book your 28 day accelerator sessions.

Using the results of your Body Audit, we create a personalised program to help you achieve the results you've always wanted.

During your first 28 days we help you find your flow and we refine your goals.
You attend your one on one PT sessions as well as your unlimited access sessions.

You then decide which membership suits your lifestyle and goals.

Step 3

Become a Body 101 member. Master your Body, get stronger, feel better and move better.

We customise every program to tailor a member's weaknesses, strengths and desired goals. We adjust exercises and movements to suit your goals and limits.

We treat every member as an individual with different needs.


We are here to advance you and your body to the next level.



Membership Packages

Are you ready

There's no better time to start
optimising your performance.

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